Introducing 10 for 10: West Cecil Health Center is proudly celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. To help ensure we are able to provide low-cost health care to community members in need for another 10 years and beyond, will you consider donating $10 for 10 months? Donations allow us to care for individuals and families without health insurance who otherwise could not afford care.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) statistics in Maryland, here are the latest facts from the United Way of Central Maryland’s 2017 ALICE report:

Although only 10 percent of Maryland households are reported as facing financial hardship as defined by the Federal Poverty Level, an additional 25 percent (534,801 households) qualify as ALICE.

  • In Cecil County, 35% of the County’s total households are listed as ALICE/poverty
  • In Harford County, 34% of the County’s total households are listed as ALICE/poverty

These households face the difficulty of paying for housing, child care, food, transportation and health care…often having to forego one of these essentials in order to make ends meet. WCHC is here to provide high quality health care for everyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay. Will you help?