The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at WCHC is composed of patients and their caregivers who have utilized services of the health center, as well as staff members from WCHC who work together to elicit feedback and refine our approach to care. The council meets quarterly, and all members complete an application and interview process and attend trainings to serve.

What We Do
WCHCs PFAC works to improve the patient experience, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and compassion throughout their visit. Additionally, PFAC provides families with the opportunity to play an active role in their care.

How to Join
As we advance, it is vital to have families with diverse backgrounds and perspectives on our council. We’re also looking for families who access WCHC services from a variety of locations. As a member of our council, we’ll ask that you:
• Share your experience in receiving care at one or more WCHC locations
• Share your story and insight in a balanced and objective way
• Listen to and reflect on differing points of view
• Work collaboratively with our teams
• Are enthusiastic about the vision and mission of the care initiatives at WCHC
• Are able to maintain confidentiality

To express your interest in joining the council, please contact us at 410.378.9696 or